Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes
Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

Feral Phantom: When Parkour Meets Fiction

Brooke De Lira here, author of Rising Traceuse and the new parkour novel Feral Phantom. Check out the short video I filmed talking about my story and what inspired it.

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How Does Parkour Play Into the Overall Story?

The main character Nanda is a teenage traceuse, or parkour practitioner, who trains casually with her friends Tiago and Juan. Although her friends have some sick hops, Nanda always feels like she's a couple steps behind. She struggles with the same challenges she's been trying to overcome for months.

Then, she wakes up in the woods outside LA with the past three days wiped from her memory. During the next training session, she tries one of her long-term challenges for the heck of it. She doesn't only make her jump, she passes it.

That's when she realizes her parkour skills have evolved in a major way. When she stumbles on a criminal empire that threatens everything she cares about, she uses her new parkour superpowers in her fight for justice. 

What Was the Hardest Part About Bringing Parkour to Feral Phantom?

Bringing parkour to the page isn't easy in any way. First, most people don't have a clue what any of the movements look like just by reading the name. What on God's green earth is a kash vault, anyway? So, I had to give a brief explanation of the movements Nanda and her friends performed without weighing down the scene too much.

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to writing parkour. I tried to keep things tight and fast-paced while bringing in some of the sensations that really make parkour awesome, like flying across a gap during a precision jump.

Plus, you have things like getting kicked out by security and soles of shoes peeling off at the toes. A beta reader actually brought that last one up, asking if it wouldn't hinder the athlete's movement. I just had a good laugh and moved on.

Would Parkour Athletes Enjoy Reading Feral Phantom?

Honestly, I have no clue. Parkour is a strong element in the story, but you also have to enjoy the action/adventure genre and crime-fighting superhero stories in general, since that's the core of Feral Phantom. Also, if you don't like to read, I can't help you there. I really can't.

Will You Be Writing More Books With Parkour?

Heck yes I will! I love parkour, I love writing, and I love creating awesome adventures. I don't plan on stopping any time soon. If you want to be notified of future releases, and even get the chance to read free review copies, check out my author website here and sign up to my low-frequency email list.

Thanks for reading, guys. I really hope you check out Feral Phantom after this. Enjoy the story, and as always...

Happy training!