Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes
Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

10 Latin American Traceuses You Should Know

Parkour is taking over Latin America. In fact, it has been for a while now. With this surge, a dedicated community of traceuses has arisen. A community that continues to fly, for the most part, under the radar.

That's why I decided to compile this list. The truth is, Parkour athletes from Europe and North America tend to get more exposure. After all, that's where most of the big parkour gatherings, speed comps, gyms and stunt jobs are focused. This reality got me thinking: These women deserve more exposure.

These 10 women demonstrate high-level parkour and freerunning skills with a style all their own. And as a reminder, there are no duplicates from 25 Awesome Traceuses You Need to Know. These are all fresh new names who are vaulting into the spotlight. Don't forget to click on the names to see these traceuses' Instagram accounts or Youtube videos.

Are you ready? Let's jump into it.

1. Karla Castellanos - Mexico

I love a traceuse who manages to combine hard flips with badass parkour movements. It's the truest form of freerunning, and Karla has it on lock. Her smooth style is wonderful to watch. I highly recommend browsing through her instagram (and clicking "follow," obviously.)

2. Natacha Róman - Chile

This Chilean traceuse caught my eye with her determination. She demonstrates a love for movement, not to mention some fierce, massive precision jumps. Natacha is definitely a traceuse to follow as she refines her movement and control.

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3. Karina Ferrera - Brazil

She may be small but Karina is a beast. Her quick parkour movement leaves her throwing wall runs, cat leaps and plyos with seeming ease. A traceuse from Sao Paulo, her Instagram includes plenty of outdoor training clips as well as videos shot in Tracer, one of Brazil's few parkour gyms.

4. Micaela Buono - Argentina

Micaela uses her varied skill set to move through her surroundings with that classic A to B mentality. She shows off some nice wall runs and other parkour moves in her videos. She's also got back flips, which take guts. This traceuse from Argentina is an up-and-comer worth following.

5. Javi Inzinza Flores - Chile

Another Chilean traceuse, Javi demonstrate strong parkour and some impressive acrobatics. She also works with stunts, which is pretty rad. In summary, this is one tough chick who is going full force in terms of movement.

6. Katerine Valencia - Colombia

Here's a Colombian traceuse who really knows what she's doing! Katerine moves like fire. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time finding her stuff online. Her Instagram is set to private, but you can still follow her or see some of her videos on the Traceuses.LatinoAmerica Instagram account to witness her incredible movement.

7. Camila Stefaniu - Brazil

Camila is pretty young, but she already has strong movement and a fluid style that gets heads turning. Her Instagram features fast parkour lines and some controlled flips. She has also participated in a few competitions, including the WFPF Tampa event and the Air Whipp Challenge.

8. Raquel Becker - Mexico

You can tell a lot about a girl by her cat leap. Raquel posts cool videos of stunts and lifting, but she's also an experienced Mexican traceuse. You'll be amazed by her speed, fluidity and control.

9. Camile Sandoval - Chile

One of the administrators of Traceuses Latinoamerica, Camile is always fun to watch with her fast, powerful movement. Her varied parkour skill set and clean freerunning moves are controlled and fluid, and her spirit of determination is always inspiring.

10. Krisnara Almeida - Brazil

Krisnara is a Brazilian freerunner and WFPF affiliate who I've always admired. She comes from a gymnastics background, which has contributed to her unique style and beautiful flow as she performs flips and freerunning movements.

There are probably dozens of other Latin American traceuses worth mentioning, but these are the ones that stood out from my research. However, I will leave the space below open to mention other awesome parkour women in Latin America as they pop up.

Don't forget to follow @Traceuses.Latinoamerica on Instagram for more photos and videos from the women of South and Central America.

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  1. Só acho que deveria ter a Tatiana Silva aí, muito mais forte (aliás, estupidamente forte, acho lindo isso), movimentos mais brutos, estuda sobre o parkour (tem até artigo publicado em revista e congresso), está sempre presente nos eventos, ama o que faz, se preocupa mais com a prática e menos com o youtube.
    Deveria ter lugar de destaque nessa lista.
    Maaaaas é só a minha opinião...

    1. (Reply is in Portuguese)

      Tati é uma traceuse e mulher maravilhosa! Infelizmente, não deu para colocar todo mundo aqui, principalmente porque eu queria mostrar outras traceuses de Latinoamerica ao mesmo tempo. Más quero fazer um artigo só com traceuses de BR lá na frente! E eu com certeza vou incluir ela :)

  2. for those womens, who step on where they want.....not where they can...... I admire all of them a lot , in especial, our Camile.. congratulations !!!


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