Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes
Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

Better, Faster, Stronger - Another Year of Training

Every year of parkour training, we learn new skills, become more efficient in those we already have, and strengthen our bodies and minds to keep moving forward. This past year (2014) has been a defining one for me. Training at Tempest South Bay and around Los Angeles, I threw my first kong-to-cat, my first lache-to-cat, my first running cat leap, my first major strides and a piles of other "firsts." I also started learning front flips, side flips and backflips with varying degrees of success.

However, these accomplishments pale in comparison to my biggest progress: confidence in my movement. For my first two years of training, I rarely put 100 percent into anything, staying in my comfort zone so I could feel proud of myself for the little things instead of conquering my true challenges. When I got to L.A., something clicked inside of me. I realized that I could forever stay in that safe, comfortable place, or I could push forward, stretching my limits and facing those monsters of fear.

I have to admit; I wouldn't have made it far without the constant push of my husband and training partner Stefanno De Lira. I would laugh at him when he said I could do a certain move, and then after some processing and a lot of practice, I would go and do it. He was the one who encouraged me to work on those (super frustrating) flips when I wanted to work on small precision jumps.

Another push came in the form of new friends. When you see other traceuses doing something awesome that's within your abilities, it's that rare sort of inspiration that makes you start to believe in yourself. You start to think "Hey, I can too!" I am so grateful for awesome traceuses like Stefania Giovenco and Sydney Olson who I've trained with this past year.

This year has made me fall even more in love with parkour and freerunning. As I get ready to move back to Brazil, I can't help but think 2015 will be even better.