Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes
Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

Ready To Move - Traceuses Unite

Nothing is more inspiring than watching women from all over the world coming together to share their movement, and that's exactly what you find in "Ready to Move." This is the first video compilation in a new series we are putting out called "Traceuses Unite" Featuring parkour and freerunning women from various countries, backgrounds and skill levels, this series aims to inspire new traceuses and practitioners of all ages to get out and train.

The point wasn't to find "the best of the best" from girl parkour videos and mash them up, but to work together with dedicated traceuses to create a powerful compilation showing each woman's unique style and progress. You will notice that many of these clips have never been used before; they were made specifically for this community girl parkour video. You will see familiar faces like Pamela Forster, but you will undoubtedly meet some new traceuses as well.

Another big goal of "Traceuses Unite" is to give every traceuse a chance to shine, even if she keeps a low profile. Be sure to check out the description of the video on Youtube for links to more videos from these talented traceuses.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools we have to inspire others to move, so I encourage every traceuse to capture her trainings on camera and share them with the world.

Train safe, train hard, and stay tuned for future installments of Traceuses Unite!