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Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

Parkour Shoe Review: NLS-1 by Tempest Freerunning

The NLS-1 is the first shoe created by Tempest Freerunning, available both online and at the gym locations. I bought a pair when they first came out in March of 2014 to replace my Kalenjis (which were great, but about two sizes too big). If you are debating whether or not to purchase these parkour shoes, check out my honest review to see if they are right for you.

Tempest parkour shoes

Durability 7/10

In five months of moderate use both in the gym and outdoors, the NLS-1 have held up pretty well. The tough rubber sole prevents wearing down, and the rest of the shoe's body is made of tight-woven fabrics and faux leather panels. The one problem everyone is having (which is being fixed for the next generation) is that the bit of rubber from the sole overlapping the toe peels off pretty quickly. However, this is a really easy fix. A few drops of Shoe Glue does the trick.

Note: If you are going for the really crazy kongs, huge cat leaps and big flips, I cannot vouch for the durability as my training style is a bit more chill.

Holding up nicely after 5+ months

Grip  -- 9/10

The all-rubber sole with minimum ridges is the holy grail of grip. Plus, since the sole is all one piece, you don't have to worry about flecks of shoe tearing off whenever you land a precision jump on a rough wall. I have used these parkour shoes on multiple terrain types, and they are always reliable. To learn more about the grip, check out this great YouTube review by the Tapp Brothers.

Lovin' those orange bottoms

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Flexibility -- 6/10

If you prefer parkour shoes that you can fold up into a ball, the NLS-1 might not be for you. These are not minimalist shoes as they do have some padding and heel support. However, it is not so much that you can't bend or feel your feet. Mine were pretty rigid at first, but after breaking them in, the front end became perfectly flexible. Now, I can bend the front half back more than 90 degrees with no problem, as seen in the picture below.

The toe is pretty flexible.

Comfort and Fit -- 9/10

Like any shoe, the NLS-1 require some breaking in, but after that initial period they are insanely comfortable. Although you can slip them on and off easily, I have never seen an NLS-1 shoe go flying when someone performs a big cat leap (and I have seen a lot of these shoes around while training at Tempest). The only downside is that Tempest has not released half sizes. If you are ordering online, Tempest recommends half-size users to order one size down since they run a little big.

Has a great fit

Style -- 10/10

I'll be frank with you. These are the sexiest shoes I have ever worn. (Heels are so overrated). The combination of orange, sky blue, black and gray is eye-catching. Also, unlike white parkour shoes, they retain their rich colors even after several months of use. The orange Tempest patch on the tongue and logo on the back of the shoe are nice touches. Just don't get too attached to the white printed Tempest crest inside the shoe. Mine rubbed off after the first day.

The Tempest logo

Novel Banner for Parkour Book Feral Phantom

Overall Score -- 8.5/10

These are some really nice kicks, and compared to some of the big brand runners out there like Nike and Reebok, they are pretty affordable. I'm looking forward to the next generation of Tempest Freerunning shoes, but the NLS-1 are definitely worth trying out. I love my pair and would definitely vouch for them personally. Nice work, Tempest!

Click on this link to order your pair online, and share your thoughts about the NLS-1 parkour shoes in the comments below!

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