Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes
Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

25 Awesome Traceuses You Need to Know

It's no secret that parkour is a male-dominated discipline, but that doesn't stop women from proving that they are just as capable of flowing, jumping and swinging over any obstacles in their path. Last time, I shared a list of five inspirational traceuses that included Isis Ribas, Charlotte Chacatouille, Tam Benabdallah, Brandee Laird and Luci Romberg. With so many talented women out there, I give you 25 MORE awesome traceuses you need to know.

Feel free to share this list with new traceuses, parkour-loving friends or anyone who thinks that women can't rock at parkour! Are you ready to binge-watch some amazing traceuses in action?

Dariya Lanskova

Dariya has a little thing that we like to call flow, and lots of it. Without a moment's hesitation, she glides from one movement to the next to create some sick runs. She is both graceful and tough as nails, and she puts out some beautiful videos.

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Pamela Forster

Pam is an Austrian traceuse and freerunner best known for her sick flips and tricks stemming from her gymnastics background. However, she has recently started focusing more on her parkour movements, and it shows! Boasting a strong style and some massive kongs, Pam is one tough chick.

Lorena Abreu

If you have not met Lorena of Rilla Hops, you are missing out. Her massive parkour skills are simply inspiring, and her will-power and energy are contagious. She is tough and brave, but she also calculates her movements carefully. Warning: Once you start watching her videos, you will not be able to stop.

Niki Whalen

One thing I love about Niki's parkour syle is that she knows how to use her momentum to her advantage. Like Lorena, Niki is a member of Rilla Hops, and she started training at roughly the same time. Check out Niki's nice hops!

Priscilla Magalhães

This Brazilian traceuse has some great cat leaps, clean climb-ups and so much more. I met Priscilla on my first few days of learning parkour, and I just wish I could have trained with her more! That first muscle-up... wow.

Lucia Rojo Suárez

Lucia is a Mexican traceuse with some super-powerful movements. Her balanced set of parkour skills lets her move with fluidity, strength and control. Just look at those monkey vaults! "Inspirational" is the best word to describe her latest video.

Sydney Olson

This lady is one talented freerunner. She also demonstrates some fast, powerful parkour movements that are impossible not to love. Awesome person. Awesome skills. What more can I say?

Juliana Dantas

This lady needs to make some more videos!! Another traceuse from Brazil, Juliana demonstrates awe-inspiring climb-ups, nice jumps and some lovely cat leaps.

Alyssa Serpa

Alyssa certainly knows how to put her parkour skills into practice! The Canada-based traceuse has some amazing skills, and I can't wait to see more from her. In this video, she demonstrates great control even as she completes some tiring, tough runs.

Abla Chejai

It's hard to identify exactly what it is that makes Abla's movements so stunning. I think it's the confidence with which she flows, never hesitating between movements. She has a lot of skill, and we're hoping to see more from her soon!

Angélica Leal

Yet another Brazilian traceuse, Angélica was one of my biggest inspirations when I was living in Brazil, and she continues to inspire me with every video she posts. She has some massive cat leaps and precision jumps that make me just a little bit envious.

Silvia Marcellini

Silvia from Italy has flow to spare, and her kong-precisions are killer. She doesn't have many videos out yet, but her 2012/2013 compilation is pretty awesome.

Fizz Hood

Fizz wowed the traceuse community in late 2012 with her video "Little Pieces," which now has more than 13,000 views on YouTube. She demonstrates great control in her movement, and her precision jumps are just beautiful. She also seems really comfortable on the bars. Fizz's video really inspired me during my first year of training, and I am sure she will inspire you, too.

Anastasia Bellka

This Russian traceuse can really move! I am simply in love with her bar swings, laches, kong-precisions and pretty much everything else she does in her videos. She is fast and unbelievably tough.

Natalie NikiForuk and Andrea Ross

It just takes a few seconds watching Natalie and Andrea jump around the Breathe Parkour Space to see that they mean business. They both have nice flow and incredible skills, and one thing I really love to see is the versatility in their movement.

Shirley Darlington

Shirley is a coach at Parkour Generations in the U.K., and she has taught many women's classes, youth classes and seminars. She is a skilled traceuse with beautiful, controlled movements. In another video, she also demonstrates a great understanding of what parkour means for all ages and genders.

Amanda "Panda" Voll

From the frozen land of Canada comes Amanda, a dedicated parkour athlete, freerunner and WFPF affiliate who will rock your socks off. Even after a severe accident a while back, she continues to kill it with amazing moves and some serious control.

Lynn Jung

Lynn has awesome flips, but she also has some really nice parkour movements. Revealing beautiful wall runs and monkey-precisions, this Austrian freerunner is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Erica Madrid

Erica has some of the most astounding freerunning I've ever seen, but parkour is not something she has focused on much outside of special events. In the video linked here, the APEX Movement professional athlete is all parkour, and she adapts nicely! She moves with grace and nails some more challenging moves like the pop vault.

Inna Podkosova "Sunny Girl"

Inna has a strong, unique style that she uses to move past obstacles with speed and efficiency. Her movements are well-executed, and she  really knows how to use her safety rolls!

Ilse Talamantes

Ilse is a spirited traceuse from Tijuana, Mexico who is progressing like a beast. After completing a 365-day parkour challenge, she has really sharpened her skills and gained more confidence in her movement. I can't wait to see what else she has in store!

Tania Molina Rojo

Also from Tijuana, Tania is a WFPF affiliate with some pretty powerful moves. She nails her precision jumps with spot-on accuracy and has plenty of other great skills up her sleeve.

Katie McDonnell

Katie McDonnell of 3Run is a remarkable freerunner who moves with a fluency that is hard to match. Her acrobatics will take your breath away, but she demonstrates plenty of skill in her parkour movements as well.

Joanna Markiewicz

Joanna is a lovely Polish traceuse who has some nice, fluid movements. Let's hope she posts some more videos soon. I can't wait to see where her parkour journey takes her!

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