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Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

Unexpected Animal Inspirations for Parkour

Since the beginning of time, humans have marveled at animals' movement, often trying to replicate their strength, technique or agility. Parkour has taken this admiration to the next level, drawing endless inspiration from primates and felines, who caught practitioners' attention with their ability to move from one place to another with amazing efficiency.

These animals have given rise to movements like the cat leap, the monkey vault and the cat balance, and they have even inspired a number of team names like Ape Connection and Rilla Hops. Are cats and monkeys the only animals from which we can draw inspiration? Certainly not! Check out these three unexpected parkour animals with abilities that will make your jaw drop.

The Snake

If you are thinking snakes are a weird addition to this list, you seriously need to learn more about snakes. These guys practically invented the idea of flow, moving like water over the environment in a way that few land animals can match. Snakes move with unparalleled speed and efficiency over rocks, through sand, in the water and even in the treetops. The most amazing thing about snakes? They do all of this without any limbs!

Move Like a Snake

In your training, focus on flowing over various types of obstacles without landing heavily, starting slowly and picking up the pace as you feel more comfortable. Connect every movement, never losing momentum during a sequence. Incorporate regular stretching into your parkour conditioning to increase your flexibility, which will aid your flow.

"I was flowing before it was cool."

The Goat

I'll be the first to admit that most goats look anything but graceful. With their often pudgy bodies and stick legs, you would think these creatures are pretty clumsy. Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Goats are some of the most agile and sure-footed animals in existence, able to scale steep cliffs, rock faces and even trees as if they were flat ground.

Move Like a Goat

Practice your goat balance by walking and standing on (low) railings. Make things harder by doing rail squats or switching directions on the rail. Calm your fear of high places by carefully walking along stone walls, but never venture too high unless it is completely safe. No matter how much you want to, you will never turn into an actual goat, so never forget that you are human during your training.

You wish you were as awesome as a goat.

The Squirrel

Squirrels are basically rodent-monkeys, but they have a few tricks up their furry sleeves that would make any primate jealous. Have you ever watched a squirrel jump from tree to tree? They effortlessly leap from one wobbly, thin branch to the next over impressive distances. To put it simply, squirrels are to monkeys what rail precisions are to ledge precisions. The most amazing thing about squirrels is that despite their extremely sketchy-looking jumps, they practically never fall. Traceuses and traceurs everywhere could take a lesson from these guys.

Move Like a Squirrel

In your training, practice plenty of broad jumps for an all-over leg workout. Also, practice your "Plan Bs" in case you are unable to complete a movement, just like squirrels grab the lower branches if they miss their first target. For chest-height or higher precision jumps, for example, practice falling into a cat-grab position if you are only able to pounce the ledge. You cannot always predict your movements perfectly, so practice safe bails to prevent injuries in case you miscalculate.
A mixture of adorable and badass

That's it for now! If you can think of any other animals that can inspire parkour movement, feel free to share in the comments below. Also, don't forget to like Rising Traceuse on Facebook to be notified of new blog posts, amazing female parkour videos and more!