Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes
Welcome to Rising Traceuse A global resource for parkour athletes

4 Annoying Things We See in Parkour Videos

1. Cutting Out The Landings

If you do it once or twice for visual effect, great. However, when you regularly cut out your landings in your parkour videos, we know something's up. Landing well is essential in both parkour and free running, and it should be the first skill you learn. If you find yourself  routinely cutting out those messy landings, work on your form before thinking about recording more videos.

2. Using the Fish-eye Lense for All the Wrong Reasons

I think we all agree that the fish-eye lense is awesome for parkour scenes. It creates a great sense of motion that works magic for those action shots. That doesn't mean you should use it to make your 8-foot cat leap look like it was 15 feet to impress your viewers. That is just annoying.

3. Using the Same Scene Over and Over Again

That jump was amazing. We get it. That doesn't mean you need to show it off 5 more times in your parkour video. If you don't have enough scenes to make your video as long as you want it to be, go record a few more shots. If you really want to emphasize a great parkour movement or sequence that you're proud of, use slow motion, or place that scene at the beginning of the video when you have your viewer's full attention.

4. Chopping Up Climb-ups

Climb-ups are tough, especially if you are still developing the strength and skills you need. Anyone in the process of learning this movement knows that those first climb-ups are never fast or pretty.

If you want to include a climb-up in your parkour video, please don't show yourself grabbing the wall and then suddenly pulling yourself up like it was nothing, cutting out those 2-5 seconds of struggle in the middle.

Sure, it makes your video more fast-paced. It also looks like you are trying to convince us that you have mastered a skill when you really haven't. Embrace the struggle. Show your viewers that you are still learning, but you are improving. That way, when you can do a smooth, fast climb-up in a few months, they will see the difference.

That about sums it up for my list. Now it's your turn...
What is something that you can't stand seeing in parkour videos?
Do you disagree with any of the ones I listed? Be honest!


  1. One thing that annoys me is the cliche of newer videos with a bunch of kids with silly faces and doing goofy stuff and filling in a bunch of that time with silliness. Like stacking a tower of cards in Mcdonalds or saying stupid shit to eachother in the car. I get it, they are having a good time, but really, it gets annoying. And also the use of over the top dub-step music. Dub step was awesome when I first heard it and even better in parkour videos. But now there is a dubstep song to a parkour video every day and it really just sounds like explosive diarrhea.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean! When I take the time out of my day to see someone's video, I don't want to see 5 minutes of random things and 1 minute of parkour. I have also noticed the trend of dub step in parkour videos. I have never been a fan of the stuff myself, so I can't say much. I do think that rap/hip hop/dance/anything with a good beat works better for parkour videos, but that's just my opinion. :)


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